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  3. Qol Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Qol Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

1. Introduction

We declare that we recognize our Corporate Mission and establish and respect the following "Charter of Corporate Behavior" for everyone connected to Qol including patients (customers), shareholders, business partners and others.

2. About Patients (Customers)

  1. Patient (customer) oriented
    We will always work taking the perspective of patients (customers).
  2. Safety and Security
    We will provide safety and security to our patients as a provider of healthcare.
  3. Protection of personal information
    We handle patient (customer) personal information so that it is not leaked or disclosed. Regarding the handling of personal information, we carry out highly transparent corporate activities that we can always explain to everyone.

3. About Employees

  1. Respect for human rights
    We will respect each other as good companions working together without discriminating against gender or position, etc.
  2. Pride
    We take pride in our company and work proactively in all our workplaces.
  3. Self-responsibility
    We fulfill our responsibilities regarding the results that each individual should deliver.

4. About Business Partners

  1. Partnership
    We respect our suppliers as valued partners.
  2. Contracts
    We maintain equal relationships based on contracts with our business partners.
  3. Fairness
    We conduct fair and appropriate transactions.

5. About Shareholders

  1. Management transparency
    We actively disclose information and aim for transparent management.
  2. Shareholders' earnings
    We generate sound profits through our business activities.
  3. Accountability
    We are accountable for our corporate activities and promote understanding of them.

6. About Our Industry

  1. Rights of other companies
    We respect the rights of other companies and strive to protect our rights and property.

7. About Government

  1. Compliance with laws and regulations
    We promote corporate activities that consider social wellbeing and comply with related laws and regulations.
  2. Relationship with antisocial forces
    We refuse any relationship with antisocial forces that pose a threat to the order and safety of civil society.
  3. Accounting reporting
    We strive not to make false statements, etc. in our accounting reports in accordance with appropriate accounting standards.

8. About General Society

  1. Social contribution
    Each employee at Qol considers social contribution when they act.
  2. Global environment
    We act in response to close-at-hand environmental problems.
  3. Response to a recycling-oriented society
    We strive to protect resources by using equipment adapted for a recycling-oriented society.

9. Supplementary

  1. We publish the "Qol Group Charter of Corporate Behavior" such that stakeholders can read and check it at any time on our website, etc.
  2. Training and Education
    We implement training for promoting understanding of the Qol Group Charter of Corporate Behavior as appropriate.
  3. Creation of Manuals, etc.
    In particular, we will respond by preparing a manual with more specific contents separately for issues with high importance and urgency.

Established October 1, 2007