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Message from the President

Qol strives to enhance quality healthcare services closely tied to the community. Chairman and Representative Director Masaru Nakamura President and Representative Director Takashi Nakamura

The Qol Group has put in place a system that can respond to changes in the business environment such as revision of medical fees based on two businesses, Pharmacy and BPO.

In the Pharmacy Business, we are promoting family pharmacists and pharmacies and the development of health-support pharmacies based on the "Pharmacy Vision for Patients" set out by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, in order to create the pharmacies that local communities need. In addition, we have developed a system to train pharmacists who can offer medication support and advanced pharmaceutical management at home so that we can provide high-quality medical care and respond to the needs of a wide range of patients.

In addition, as a result of intensifying competition for MR dispatch, in the CSO Business, which is the core business of the BPO Business, we have developed MRs that can adapt to the diverse needs of pharmaceutical companies. By providing highly specialized MRs in this way, we have been able to develop a stable and profitable structure.

We will continue to develop our business centered on these two pillars while seeking businesses that can become new pillars, and striving to achieve sustainable growth in a changing environment.
We appreciate your continued understanding and support.

Representative Director Masaru Nakamura
Representative Director Takashi Nakamura

  • *1BPO: Abbreviation of Business Process Outsourcing
  • *2MR: Abbreviation of Medical Representative