2. Sustainability
  3. Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability

Corporate Philosophy/Slogan

Corporate Philosophy

We support quality of life for everyone. There for you. Anywhere,anytime.


Always there to care.

Qol’s Vision

1. Provide new medical care We think outside the box to create added value and cater to people’s needs in the local communities we serve. 2. Become the pharmacy of choice We seek to provide ideal pharmacies that meet the demands of patients and contribute to convenient, healthy and affluent lives in communities. 3. Progress through organic growth  We aim to achieve both business growth and personal well being for our employees.

Sustainability Basic Policy

Taking on the three challenges for new medical care, pharmacies that continue to be chosen and endless growth, we will work on development of seamless medical care to realize a healthy, prosperous and sustainable society. 

Sustainability management

The Sustainability Committee is chaired by the President and Representative Director and is composed mainly of directors and persons responsible for each department. The Committee formulates the Qol Group’s sustainability policies, determines activity targets and manages progress. The Committee regularly reports on the activities and progress of the Committee to the Board of Directors.

Qol Sustainable Value