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Top Commitment

We, the Qol Group, simultaneously aim to execute our responsibility for making the society sustainable and to pursue our sustainable growth as a business entity; thus we work together toward a sustainable society.

We care about not only economic values but also social values. President and epresentative Director Takashi Nakamura

As Japan becomes a super-aging society, with 22 million people (1 in 4 people) estimated to be elderly from 2025 onward, there are many problems for the development of a healthy and sustainable society.

As a company listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, while sustainable growth is indispensable to enhance economic value, the medical income we earn is part of the nation's social security expenses. Based on this, we believe that our mission is to return the profits we generate through our growth to society.

Qol is a company involved in medical care, and our staff is made up of medical professionals, mainly pharmacists. Therefore, we choose healthcare-related themes for critical issues to realize a sustainable society.

Our corporate philosophy and vision include all of our principles of seamless medical care. Based on these philosophies, we believe that social involvement of pharmacists and other medical professionals through activities to realize a sustainable society is essential. Indeed, it is one of the important elements in our employee education.

Based on our Sustainable Policy, we strengthen our efforts by taking various issues as essential elements for the development of a sustainable society as well as environmental issues. Specifically, we work on the establishment of a system that allow us to contribute to regional medical care, support people in a vulnerable position in society to have joy or realize their dreams through work, and help children, the leaders of the next generation, to make their dreams come true.

The Qol Group will meet society's expectations for the development of a brilliant future and the expectations of all stakeholders.

President and Representative Director
Takashi Nakamura
Qol Holdings Co.,Ltd.