2. Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Qol Holdings Co., Ltd. (Qol HD) has established and practiced corporate ethics that can contribute to society as a corporation that engages in healthcare-related businesses in our group in addition to complying with laws and regulations, and so have the Charter of Corporate Conduct, which states that it is trusted by society.

To put this Charter into practice, we deeply recognize that personal information must be handled with care based on the philosophy of respect for personal character. At the same time, we comply with the Personal Information Protection Management System, handle personal information accurately and properly, and carry out highly transparent corporate activities.

  1. Qol HD will take appropriate measures to obtain, use and provide appropriate personal information and to prevent the handling of personal information beyond the scope required to achieve its intended use.
  2. We will prevent or remedy the leakage, loss or damage of personal information.
  3. We will respond carefully and promptly to your complaints and consultations.
  4. We will comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines set by the national government, and other regulations.
  5. We will continue to improve our Personal Information Protection Management System.

Established on July 1, 2005
Revised: October 1, 2018

Qol Holdings Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Takashi Nakamura

Handling of Personal Information

1.Purpose of use

Qol HD utilizes personal information obtained from customers for the purposes of carrying out the following tasks.

  • Management of our subsidiaries
  • Contact Shareholders, Response to Inquiries, and Shareholders Management
  • Exercise of rights or obligations under laws and regulations
  • Contact Customers and Response to Inquiries
  • Implementation of other duties incidental to the above-mentioned duties

If personal information is used for purposes other than those mentioned above, the purpose of personal information should be specified in advance when obtaining personal information.

2.Third-Party Provision

Qol HD does not disclose or provide personal information provided to third parties except the following cases.

  • Upon obtaining consent from the customer
  • Under laws and regulations
  • When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of a person, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person concerned.
  • Where it is particularly necessary to improve public health or promote the sound development of children, where it is difficult to obtain the consent of the individual.
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with the organization of the State or the local government or the person entrusted therefrom in carrying out the affairs stipulated by the law, and obtaining the consent of the person may interfere with the execution of the affair.
  • When outsourcing personal information to contractors for purposes of use or implementation of contracts

3. Common Use

Qol HD will share personal data within the following scope.

  • Items of personal data used jointly
    Shareholders' personal data (name, address, our stockholding status, etc.)
    Customer personal data (name, address, telephone number, etc.)
    Personal data held by group companies (name, address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, etc.)
  • Scope of persons who jointly use
    Company and its affiliates
  • Intended use of the joint user
    As described in section 1 above
  • Name or name of person responsible for the management of personal information to be used jointly
    Qol Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Acquiring method
    Verbal, written, electronic media, etc.

4. Handling of anonymous processing information

Qol HD creates anonymous processing information that prevents the identification of customers and provides the information to a third party. We will also continue to prepare similar anonymous processing information and provide it to third parties.

The information on individuals included in the anonymous processing information is as follows:
(For the following items, encryption, etc. shall be processed and anonymized so that the identity of the individual cannot be determined.)

  • Name, date of birth, sex and responses to various questionnaires

The following methods are provided.

  • Sent by electronic mail
  • Delivery of external storage media such as CD-ROM
  • Upload to server

Qol HD will take safety control measures, such as encryption of the means of providing anonymous processing information and restrictions on access to data, so that third parties will not get it unfairly.

5.Inquiries about personal information

Qol HD will respond appropriately and promptly to requests made by the patient regarding the following matters:

  • When it is difficult to agree with the purpose of using personal information.
  • Disclosure of personal information, notification of the purpose of use, correction, addition or deletion of the content, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of provision to a third party, etc. (excluding cases where it is impossible by law)
    ※Please note in advance that actual costs are incurred when disclosing the information.
  • When personal information is leaked, lost, damaged, or suspected.
  • In addition, when there are questions or questions about the handling of personal information.

Contact Us for Personal Information

Qol Holdings' Personal Information Inquiry and Consultation Service
Phone 81-(0)3-6430-9004 (9:00-18:00 (Japan time), weekdays)

Qol Holdings Co., Ltd.