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  3. Qol Group ESG/CSR
  4. Efforts for the environment and society

Efforts for the environment and society

Consideration for the environment

The Qol Group will strive to preserve the global environment, including reducing environmental impact, in all our business activities.

Qol Eco Policy

Enhancement of environmental management

We will care for ecosystems, reuse resources and energy, and strive to manage waste thoroughly.

  • Thorough management of medical waste
  • Responding to the Industrial Safety and Health Act
  • Resource recycling (enforcing use of recycled toner)

Reducing environmental impacts

We are concentrating on promoting stores (hardware) with designs that do not place a burden on the environment, energy conservation, and CO2 reduction facilities and equipment.

We have installed solar panels on part of the roof.
The system has a maximum power of 5.6 kW, and it is possible to cover about 70% of the lighting on the first floor with solar power generation.
In addition, a "green roof" prevents the roof from becoming hot and keeps the inside of the pharmacy comfortable.

When we build new stores or refurbish stores, we are proactively introducing LED lighting, which reduces electricity bills by about 28% and enables significant energy savings compared to incandescent lamps. (*Comparison after 10 years of use at facilities and stores in general)

QOL Pharmacy Ebisu Store Automatic Light Control System which realizes natural sunlight is installed in a pharmacy. We support health lifestyle through rhythm of natural light.

Environmental communication

We will strive to cooperate with local communities and improve our employees' awareness of environmental conservation.

  • Volunteer activities for beautification of the environment (cleanup around stores)
  • Promotion of Cool Biz / Warm Biz
  • Paperless activities (Qol)

Promoting use of my-bag and eco-friendly plastic bags

The Qol Group has been conducting following measure to realize sustainable society.

  • Promoting use of my-bag
    All QOL Pharmacies are promoting use of my-bag for reducing conventional plastic bags. It is expected to contribute preservation of the Environment.
  • Introducing eco-friendly plastic bags
    Qol introduced new plastic bags which contain 30% of plant-based biomass materials.
    It is expected to reduce oil consumption as well as carbon dioxide (CO2) emission.
We will contribute to the achievement of the goals set in the SDGs, which are common goals throughout the world.
a poster to encourage to use my-bag  Qol Pharmacy Group

Promotion of human rights and personnel training

We support socially vulnerable people who are active in society by making full use of their talents regardless of gender, age, or nationality.

Promotion of employment of persons with disabilities (activities of special subsidiary: Qol Assist)

Employment rate of people with disabilities achievement

In March 2009, we received approval for the special subsidiary "Qol Assist Co., Ltd." and made a new start in order to more aggressively develop employment activities for people with disabilities. Although employment of people with disabilities has diverse forms, we mainly offer "working from home" (= teleworking) for people with severe physical disabilities that had few opportunities to work in the past.

  • *Fiscal 2018 2.36%(statutory employment rate: 2.2%)
  • *Fiscal 2019 2.26%(statutory employment rate: 2.2%)
2.50% Fiscal 2020 *The statutory employment rate is 2.2%

Qol Assist's work

In addition to business data entry for the Group as a basic task, Qol Assist works to develop the skills of people with disabilities in areas such as website creation and designing and creating posters and leaflets, etc.

Qol Assist General Meeting

All employees gather once a year to present the achievements of their teleworking. The aim is to encourage communication between employees.


Promoting career development for women

In the Qol Group, the proportion of female employees is very high at about 70%, and they are active in various fields. With this background, in order to realize a workplace environment where women can work more easily, we plan to review various systems and positively promote recruitment of women to senior positions.

The promotion status of female executives is as follows:

Ratio of female executives

Fiscal 2021 25.0% *18.2% in fiscal 2019 and 23.0% in fiscal 2020

Ratio of female managers (manager and above)

Fiscal 2021 24.2% (Qol Co.,Ltd. )

Ratio of women in a leadership position (pharmacy chief, store manager, supervisor)

Fiscal 2021 45.8% (Qol Co.,Ltd. )

  • *Executives are calculated using the figures at the time of the annual general meeting of shareholders held each fiscal year.
  • *managerial positions, and various positions are calculated using the figures as of April 1st.

Workplace reforms to promote career development for women

In May 2016, we launched full-scale activities with the "L.A.D.Y.S.* Conference," a workshop on career development for women as seen from women's' perspective, an event that Qol was uniquely positioned to hold given its many female employees. The event aimed to promote the career development of women as pharmacists and staff through medication treatment, as well as the career development of women within companies and the reform of workplaces to make them easier to work in for women that the government is encouraging. We will strive to create ideas that are useful for society through our business activities. We are aiming for unlimited growth and development of the company by uncovering the potential power of women and making the slogan "Peace of mind closest to you" a reality.

  • *L.A.D.Y.S.: L: Luminous, A: Activity, D: Diversity, Y: Yell (to support), S: Staff

Three themes tackled at the L.A.D.Y.S. Conference

Conference to think about nationwide family pharmacies

We regularly hold conferences to consider nationwide family pharmacies, where family pharmacists from across Japan participate.

Social contributions

Overall Group participation in Make-a-Wish of Japan

The Qol Group helps realize the dreams of children, which are not satisfied by medical treatment alone, in the form of support of human labor and fund-raising activities.

Fundraising and volunteer activities at the meeting where our employee from all over the Japan gather

We support the activities of "Make-a-Wish of Japan," which aims to fulfill the dreams of children with intractable diseases. We would like to support the strength to live of children fighting intractable diseases and give them the courage to fight their diseases. With such thoughts in mind, we are collecting funds for activities to realize these children's dreams. At Qol, we have set up donation boxes in stores and offices and participate in various charity events, and are expanding the circle of support.

Make-A-Wish of Japan - Volunteering to make children's dreams come true

Make-a-Wish of Japan activity achievements

Amount of donation

Fiscal 2020 ¥3.00million *1.69million in fiscal 2018 and 2.83million in fiscal 2019

Children fighting with intractable diseases also have their own dreams and hopes. We continue to provide support in the hope that by helping the children realize their dreams, they will gain the energy to fight the disease facing them and live for tomorrow. Going forward, we hope to actively support make-a-wish activities so that the children never lose their smile.

Participation in Himawarinokai (Sunflower Association)

From the feeling of wanting to look after future children who will support Japan, we support the NPO Himawarinokai to help even in a small way.

Purpose of Himawarinokai activities

Send messages of courage and dreams from leading seniors from various fields.
Support pregnant women and their families in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and related organizations, such as distributing Maternity Marks.
Distribute traffic safety maternity stickers for pregnant women.

Himawarinokai (Sunflower Association) is an NPO founded in 1997 in Gifu Prefecture with the aim of healing people's hearts with "flowers" and connecting people's hearts through "giving flowers."
Since October 2004, Himawarinokai has been distributing booklets including "maternity stickers for cars" to protect pregnant women and babies from traffic accidents. These booklets are given to about 1.1 million newborn babies and their families each year in the cities, towns, and villages of every prefecture in Japan and public health centers. In addition, the association sends messages from leaders in various fields using their website and mobile email.

Mother and child health handbook app

The Qol group supports the dissemination of the "Mother and child health handbook" for smartphones operated by Himawarinokai.
The "Maternal and Child Health Handbook" app can manage health records such as medical examination results at school as well as screening from pregnancy until 6 years old.
The Himawarinokai "Maternal and Child Health Handbook" app can also be downloaded from the banner on the home page of the Qol app.

Qol App Home page (left)

Mother and Child Health Handbook app

Supported OS: iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher

Maternity Passport

We support Himawarinokai through corporate advertising of the Maternity Passport that they issue. The Passport describes the prevention of accidental ingestion in children, which is increasing in recent years and concentrates on prevention activities.

Sponsoring cultural education program to hand down Japanese culture

We support the activities of the formal and ancient Ogasawara Ryu (Yabusame mounted archery) which focuses on handing down Japanese culture. We support and co-sponsor this activity based on the belief that further cultural exchange and development between Japan and the rest of the world is important by steadily communicating the ancient Japanese value of "Honmono" (genuineness) to future generations and the world.

Qol's contribution to regional healthcare

In order to promote communication that is closely linked to the community, Qol's pharmacists hold various seminars and events on the theme of health and medical care.

"Summer Vacation Osaka Station City Kids Week 2018," a work experience event for elementary school students in August 2018

The first Osteoporosis Supporters Conference was attended by a lecture by the Primary-care pharmacist of QOL Pharmacy.